A Network of Clothing Optional Bed and Breakfast Style Homes
A Network of Clothing Optional Bed and Breakfast Style Homes

How it Works...

It’s really quite simple, if you are a nudist friendly home and are in a position to have guests stay in your home for a bed and breakfast experience, we help you with all of the details of what it takes to make that happen.  We act as your consultant on how to set up everything from the guest rooms to the back yard…meals to marketing…food sourcing to finances…code compliance to health department rules.  We do all of the marketing, screening of guest, collection of monies and distributing your “hosting fees” to you.  We call them “hosting fees” since you are simply hosting couples we refer to you…call us to let us explain why that is important.


Your name, exact location and community are NEVER disclosed online.  The only people who receive that information are your guests…and they receive the address and your name & contact information ONLY after they have fully paid their fees.  This is critically important to YOU since anonymity on the internet is supremely important to the success of your B&B experience.


Once you contact us with your interest, we’ll discuss the process in more detail.  Call us today to get started on YOUR C/O B&B experience.


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