A Network of Clothing Optional Bed and Breakfast Style Homes
A Network of Clothing Optional Bed and Breakfast Style Homes

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You need a Home with a Private Backyard/Grounds with 2 or more available Bedrooms & Baths.  It could be a traditional tract home with a private backyard within a neighborhood or maybe it's a cabin in the woods with private grounds.  It might be a historic home or a newer home or maybe it's a retirement home with a guest house. A backyard with a pool and/or spa is recommended for entertaining, but is not necessary.  Hosts should provide a relaxing atmosphere for your guests and a delicious breakfast in a comfortable setting.

That's really it!  After you serve your guests breakfast, they are on their own to relax and enjoy their surroundings or venture out to enjoy the unique things that your community or region has to offer.  Or they simply enjoy the freedom of relaxing nude at your home while you get on with your day.

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